About Teresa Roche



Teresa Roche, a native of Greenville, SC, is a mixed media artist working in acrylic, watercolor, and collage. She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance form Columbia College, Columbia, SC. With a background in dance, event management, and stage production, she approaches each fresh surface as a choreographer orchestrating a dance- beginning with a blank stage and the pieces, parts, and gestural movement are tweaked and changed until the work is complete. 

In building layers of paint and then scratching and sanding back into it, Roche's mixed media works are excavations of sorts- an unearthing of the past, which is then transformed into a new, abstracted story. 

Teresa lives in Greenville with her husband, Will and their German Shepherd, Sky, just a few steps from her light filled studio and gallery. 


We are products of our past memories and current environments. My work can be seen as a fusion between the past and present, the inspiration often coming when traveling. As I explore a new place, my attention focuses on mundane, everyday details which will often trigger something from my past. For instance, I have an enduring childhood memory of laundry hanging from clotheslines in the backyards of my mother and grandmother. When in Italy, the memory of that was so clear as I saw the clothes hanging from balconies - it was a different interpretation but I think it resonated so strongly because of that memory. I began to see line in a new way and it has become very prominent in my work. 

In excavating memories among the minutiae of life, I am seeking to unearth something old, worn, perhaps forgotten. I add layers of paint, sometimes dry, sometimes not, and gradually scrape away. Markings and lines are revealed and the paintings become something vibrant, saturated with color and graphic line. I see much of my work as a rebirth and renewal- the final paintings reflect a clean, new version of a preserved memory that I lifted form the ashes, resulting in a delicate tension between the dark, graphic lines revealed against the simplicity of a bright new surface.