Teresa Roche Textiles

I am always led by the light - the way it hits the road, the wheat field, the laundry hanging on the line, a child’s face, the chairs on a porch , my kitchen window sill - I am truly fascinated by light.

Growing up in Greenville, SC, I was surrounded by textile mills. Eventually these huge buildings were left abandoned and whole sections of town were left to deteriorate. These mill villages have an incredible history and are, in a way, ingrained in my roots.

It wasn’t until several years ago when I relocated my art gallery and built a small home in one of the old mill villages that I discovered a desire to design wallpaper and fabric had been bouncing around deep in the back of my mind. For years I had been trying to connect the dots between art, design and daily life. Finally, in 2018, I decided to launch Teresa Roche Textiles by taking the same painterly approach I use in my artwork and applying it to designing wallpaper and fabric. The outcome is designs that are not decorative or flashy. They are playful, joyful, delightful, magical and informal. They are filled with surprise and delight.